Older Workers Make The Best Part-Time Hires

Older Workers Make The Best Part-Time Hires

More and more employers are finding it cost effective to utilize boomers, seniors and even “retirees” on a part-time or project assignment basis. Temp firms have been using this resource successfully for years.

An older worker generally needs less training, has a better work ethic and will often take a temporary or project assignment for far less than the hourly rate the person commanded when he or she was working full-time.

Employers usually do not have to pay benefits so hiring from this age demographic is a win-win for both as older workers often have less need for benefits than they did when they were younger and raising a family.

A common problem employers have when posting temporary or part-time jobs on general job boards is the huge quantity of response.

It is difficult to separate the qualified applicants from candidates that match the job description. Older workers are much less likely to “apply” for jobs that are not a realistic match for their experience and abilities. Some job boards like this one allow posters of jobs to ask up to three qualifying questions at no charge to help focus their response.