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Healthcare Innovation
By: Jeff Heenan-Jalil
healthcare is actually poised to become one of the most innovative fields because of its considerable capacity for growth and change, and young job seekers looking to make an impact in a transforming field need look no further.
People Over Age 50 Want to Work in Retirement
Nearly three out of four pre-retirees over the age of 50 say their ideal retirement will include working in some capacity. But most say that rather than holding full-time jobs, they'd prefer temporary, part-time and flexible jobs, according to a study by Merrill Lynch conducted in partnership with Age Wave. For comparison, nearly half of all current retirees have worked or are planning to work during their retirement years, reports the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Today it is becoming increasingly common for retirees and boomers approaching retirement to work rather than “retire” the way their parents and grandparents did. ...
Tips For Thriving As A Business Freelancer In 2016
By now, we’ve all seen the impressive numbers on the "freelance" or "gig economy." Millions of professionals are skipping the traditional corporate structure and turning to freelancing, consulting or temp/on-demand assignments. According to a study by MBO Partners, the U.S. economy currently has 30.2 million independent workers — and that number is expected to hit nearly 38 million by 2020. While these solo entrepreneurs may not need all the formality of a small to mid-size business, they still need to build their brand and manage their business. Without the same safety net and structure of corporate employees, freelancers are on ...
What To Know For Summer Hiring
Summer is an especially hectic time for many industries. Restaurants and shops frequently extend their hours of operation to accommodate increased foot traffic from students who are out of school for the season. Outdoor-based businesses take advantage of good weather and longer daylight hours to get in as much work as they can. This upswing in business means that companies in these industries often hire temporary help to handle the increased workload. Smaller businesses that are just starting out may get inundated right at the beginning of the season, before they realize they need a few extra employees. Established companies ...
Shared Office Space A Potential Relief For Freelancers
Freelancers, contractors and consultants know the drill: Order coffee, find a seat (hopefully with an outlet), dutifully carry your laptop to the bathroom with you, and then flee to the next coffee shop when Wi-Fi begins to cut out and/or someone annoying sits next to you. Repeat. It’s not a productive way to run a business. And yet it’s what most solopreneurs end up having to do. Big-city coworking spaces are often built exclusively for tech startups or small companies with multiple members, and come with a high price. Luckily, a handful of shared workspaces targeting individuals are beginning to ...
Employers Hire More Temps and Part-Timers
There is a noticeable shift in the labor market with employers increasingly using part-time and temporary workers. Companies view labor more as inventory that is to be hired when they need it and let go when they don't need it. This is evidenced by the Bureau of Labor Statistics June report which shows part-time jobs soared by almost 800,000 to more than 38 million. The BLS also stated that in June part-time employees swelled to 7.5 million compared with just 4.4 million in 2007 Many job seekers are seeking part-time and temporary assignments and many others are looking for full-time ...
Freelancers Create A New 9-to-5 Environment
The traditional 9-to-5 job is starting to fall in the ranks as the most common type of job schedule. Instead, a new breed of worker is rising as the dominant force in the talent pool, willing to work whenever and wherever they are needed. This shift in how people work developed out of two main things: first, technology has made this type of virtual relationship possible and second, companies and startups began to realize that this arrangement offered significantly more benefits than the traditional employee. Now, terms like "gig economy," "mobile economy" and "freelance economy" are being thrown around to ...
Five Resume-Writing Essentials for Freelancers
The freelance economy is booming, as more and more professionals are choosing the flexibility that comes with a freelance career. In fact, studies have shown that 15 percent of the workforce now identifies as "contingent labor" -- i.e., freelancers and temp workers -- and that number continues to grow. There's never been a better time to take the plunge toward professional independence. That said, freelancing does come with its share of challenges. Besides fighting the stereotype that they spend their days sitting around in their pajamas, freelancers can find it difficult to put together a cohesive resume. With so many ...
Why You Should Consider Project Gigs
Years ago, I worked Sunday brunch at a busy Manhattan restaurant. I left the shift approximately $250 richer, feeling beat, but in a good, hard-earned way. The next morning, my alarm would go off, and I’d rise and prepare for the first of five days in the office. My second job allowed me to travel a reasonable amount, sock some money away in an IRA, and enjoy frequent alcohol-fueled dinners with my friends at upscale spots. My limited experience with a part-time job meant I had no comprehension of the possibilities and opportunities an extra job could provide in addition ...
Part-Time Holiday Work Can Boost Your Job Search
The holidays are upon us and many hard-working people take on seasonal party and banquet to earn needed holiday cash. Have you ever considered tending bar or another food and beverage job? What do you have to gain besides the extra income? There is honor in all work so don’t let the ill-informed judgments of others diminish your self-respect. By far the toughest job I ever had was tending bar, and everything I learned tending bar has paid off in every job I’ve held since: You gain exposure to a wide range of skills You gain exposure to a wide ...